10 Creative Ways to Use Envelopes

Posted by Sophie on 30th Nov 2018

10 Creative Ways to Use Envelopes

1.  Place a letter inside and - I'm just kidding! Below is a list of 10 creative and unique ways to use envelopes, from creating gifts and guestbooks, to every day practical uses. 

1. Scrapbooking / Memory Book

Use the envelopes to create pockets and mini-folders in a scrapbook. You can also create a 'memory book' for a loved one. 

The envelopes are great for storing photos you may not want to stick down, tickets from places and event's and other memento's! This would be a perfect handmade gift for an anniversary.

wedding guestbook envelopes rustic2. Wedding Guestbook

There are so many possibilities with this one! You could have the envelopes sealed and have each guest leave advice on when to open them, such as on your one year anniversary, after the honeymoon, when you feel happy/sad/excited for the future etc.  

You could leave the envelopes unsealed if you have something at your wedding that guests can pop in, such as polaroids they've snapped on the day or even an answer sheet if you've set up a little quiz/table game for your guests. You could even request that guests bring a small something/photo of their fondest memory with you both to put in.

Envelope Pocket in Notebook3. Notebook/Diary Storage Pockets

Ever open your diary or notebook and have all the extra post its, to do lists, receipts and reminders you've slotted in there just fall out? Add an envelope (or two) to the inside cover to create a quick and easy storage solution. 

Receipt organising4. Receipt Organising

Fed up of losing receipts or having to riffle through hundreds to find the one you're looking for? Use one for each month for a quick and easy organising system. 

Speaking of organised...

noticeboard organiser5. Noticeboard Organiser

This is another one where there are a few ways to use it. Particularly useful for parents, you can set a system up with envelopes for each child/purpose. Such as putting weekly dinner money in individual children's ones, having one specifically for children to place and school letters and correspondence in each day or even to issue chores and household tasks. 

Then again, you can just use it to store all those extra bits you don't need pinned up but want to hold on to for the moment. 

envelope placecard6. Place Cards

The envelope flap makes them perfect for a simple place card. For a wedding place card, you can even have this double as something to pop a small favour in for your guests! 

Envelope Advent Calendar7. Advent Calendar

Perfect for a homemade, personalised advent calendar. We've covered this in another post before, so you can find out how to make one here.

Envelope method8. Budgeting

This one may sound strange, but the envelope method (also called the envelope system) is a simple and popular way of visually budgeting. All that's required is that each envelope represents an expense, such as rent, bills, eating out, food shopping, personal, savings etc.

Each month/week, depending on your payday frequency, place the amount of cash you expect to spend on that category in the envelope. 

Straightforward, visual and very effective! 

Seed organising envelopes9. Seed Storage & Organisation

An uncomplicated way of storing and organising seeds in a uniform way - envelopes are a gardeners best friend! 

Photo organising polaroids10. Organising/Storing Photographs

This one speaks for itself - however as well as storing photos at home, I've personally found them very handy on the go! This is mostly due to the popularity of polaroid cameras - while it's great to have an immediate, physical photograph, it's less great figuring out what to do with it on the go! I've found envelopes the perfect way to keep everything together in one place while out and about.