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The Paperbox Ltd is FSC® Certified


What is the FSC®?

The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is a well respected, worldwide organisation that provides a guarantee to consumers that wood, paper and card products come from well-managed and sustainable forests. This is achieved through the certification of every step in the supply chain from forest to finished FSC® labelled product. To protect the integrity of the FSC® brand no products can be described as FSC® certified or made from FSC® certified materials without a Trademark Licence Agreement and/or Chain of Custody certification. The Paperbox Ltd now hold chain of custody certification which mean when you buy from us you can be safe in the knowledge that you are guaranteed to be buying FSC® certified products.

It's environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.

What Does This Mean?

Our FSC® certification provides a guarantee to our customers that products purchased from The Paperbox Ltd come from well-managed and sustainable forests. FSC® materials and products have been checked and verified at every stage of processing so that customers purchasing FSC® labelled products can be confident that they are genuinely FSC® certified and produced in a way that helps protect our environment.

How Does It Relate to me and What I Buy?

The FSC® helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. When you see the FSC® logo on our products and literature, you can buy our products with complete confidence that you are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come. The vast majority of paper and card supplied by The Paperbox comes from sustainable sources and is FSC® certified. Please view the list below to see the environmental credentials of all the products we sell.

Product Environmental Information

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White Ivory and Cream Card FSC® Acid Free Recyclable Elemental Chlorine Free Notes
Bright White 250gsm -
White Silk 350gsm -
White Matte 260 & 300gsm -
White Linen 260 & 300gsm -
White Hammer 260gsm -
White Fizz 260gsm -
White Leather 260gsm -
Ivory Smooth 250gsm -
Ivory Silk 350gsm -
Ivory Matte 260gsm -
Ivory Accent 240gsm -
Ivory Linen 260gsm -
Ivory Hammer 260gsm -
Ivory Fizz 260gsm -
Ivory Leather 260gsm -
Cream Matte 260gsm -
Cream Linen 260gsm -
Cream Hammer 260gsm -
Cream Fizz 260gsm -
Recycled White 100% 230 & 270gsm unavailable unavailable 100% Recycled
Recycled White Linen 270gsm unavailable unavailable 100% Recycled
Recycled White Grain 250gsm 50-70% Recycled
Recycled Ivory Grain 250gsm 50-70% Recycled
Recycled Eco Fleck, Aged White 250gsm 40% Recyled
Recycled Ivory Fleck 260gsm 80% Recyled


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Pearlescent Card FSC® Acid Free Recyclable Elemental Chlorine Free Notes
Ice White Pearl 230 & 300gsm -
Ivory White Pearl 230gsm -
White Gold Dust Pearl 250gsm -
Ivory Gold Dust Pearl 250gsm -
Cream Pearl 290gsm -
Pale Coral Pearl 285gsm -
Peach Pearl 300gsm -
Nude Pearl 300gsm -
Rose Gold Dust Pearl 230gsm -
Pale Pink 300gsm -
Baby Pink Pearl 285gsm -
Misty Rose Pearl 300gsm -
Raspberry Pink Pearl 285gsm -
Imperial Red Pearl 300gsm -
Crimson Red Pearl 260gsm -
Lavender Pearl 285gsm -
Amethyst Pearl 285gsm -
Purple Pearl 290gsm -
Pale Blue Pearl 300gsm -
Sky Blue Pearl 285gsm -
Moonlight Blue Pearl 290gsm -
Navy Blue Pearl 230gsm -
Aquamarine Pearl 285gsm -
Lagoon Green Pearl 285gsm -
Turquoise Pearl 290gsm -
Mojito Green Pearl 290gsm -
Sage Green Pearl 230gsm -
Majestic Green Pearl 290gsm -
Pale Silver Pearl 285gsm -
Silver Pearl 260gsm -
Quartz Grey Pearl 290gsm -
Anthracite Pearl 230gsm -
Antique Gold Pearl 230gsm -
Gold Pearl 260gsm -
Indian Gold Pearl 290gsm -
Copper Pearl 285gsm -
Bronze Brown Pearl 285gsm -
Orange Flame Pearl 290gsm -


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Coloured Matte Card FSC® Acid Free Recyclable Elemental Chlorine Free Notes
Barely Blush Matte 270gsm 100% Recycled
Blush Pink Matte 290gsm -
Rose Gold Matte 240gsm 80% Recycled
Dusky Pink Matte 250gsm -
Pastel Pink Matte 240gsm -
Hot Pink Matte 240gsm -
Bubblegum Pink Matte 240gsm -
Purple Mist Matte 240gsm -
Dark Purple Matte 240gsm -
Navy Blue Matte 240gsm -
Midnight Blue Matte 240gsm -
Royal Blue Matte 290gsm -
Ocean Blue Matte 240gsm -
Celestial Blue Matte 240gsm -
Pastel Blue Matte 240gsm -
Aqua Matte 240gsm -
Teal Green Matte 240gsm 80% Recycled
Pine Green Matte 290gsm -
Dark Green Matte 240gsm -
Moss Green Matte 240gsm 20% Recycled
Emerald Green Matte 240gsm -
Lime Green Matte 240gsm -
Mint Green Matte 240gsm -
Pale Yellow Matte 240gsm -
Daffodil Yellow Matte 240gsm -
Golden Yellow 240gsm -
Peach Blush Matte 240gsm -
Tangerine Matte 240gsm -
Orange Matte 240gsm -
Coral Matte 290gsm -
Scarlet Red Matte 240gsm -
Cherry Red Matte 240gsm -
Bordeaux Matte 240gsm -
Dark Brown Matte 240gsm 20% Recycled
Light Brown Matte 240gsm 80% Recycled
Pale Almond Matte 290gsm -
Beige Matte 240gsm 80% Recycled
Pale Grey Matte 240gsm -
Silver Grey Matte 240gsm -
Storm Grey Matte 240gsm -
Grey Matte 240gsm -
Black Matte 240gsm -
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Other Card FSC® Acid Free Recyclable Elemental Chlorine Free Notes
Recycled Brown Kraft Card 100% Recycled
Recycled Grey Kraft Card 100% Recycled
All Non-shed Glitter Card -
All Mirror Card -
Rainbow Holographic Card -
All Marble Card -


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White, Ivory and Cream Paper FSC® Acid Free Recyclable Elemental Chlorine Free Notes
White Silk Paper 120gsm -
White Matte Paper 100gsm -
White Linen Paper 120gsm -
White Hammer Paper 120gsm -
Ivory Silk Paper 120gsm -
Ivory Accent Paper 110gsm -
Ivory Linen Paper 120gsm -
Ivory Hammer Paper 120gsm -
Recycled Ivory Fleck 140gsm 80% Recycled


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Pearlescent Paper FSC® Acid Free Recyclable Elemental Chlorine Free Notes
Ice White Pearl 125gsm -
Ivory White Pearl 125gsm -
White Gold Dust Pearl 120gsm -
Ivory Gold Dust Pearl 120gsm -
Cream Pearl 120gsm -
Pale Coral Pearl 120gsm -
Rose Gold Dust Pearl 125gsm -
Baby Pink Pearl 120gsm -
Misty Rose Pearl 125gsm -
Raspberry Pink Pearl 120gsm -
Imperial Red Pearl 125gsm -
Lavender Pearl 100gsm -
Amethyst Pearl 120gsm -
Purple Pearl 120gsm -
Baby Blue Pearl 100gsm -
Navy Blue Pearl 125gsm -
Aquamarine Pearl 120gsm -
Turquoise Pearl 120gsm -
Pale Silver Pearl 120gsm -
Silver Pearl 100gsm -
?Quartz Grey Pearl 120gsm -
Antique Gold Pearl 125gsm -
Gold Pearl 100gsm -


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Coloured Matte Paper FSC® Acid Free Recyclable Elemental Chlorine Free Notes
Barely Coral  140gsm -
Pale Almond 140gsm -
Mustard Yellow 140gsm 80% Recycled
Coral 140gsm -
Pillar Box Red 140gsm 80% Recycled
Cherry Red 140gsm -
Burgundy 140gsm -
Barely Blush 125gsm 100% Recycled
Blush Pink 140gsm -
Rose Gold Matte 110gsm 80% Recycled
Blossom Pink 140gsm -
Candy Pink 140gsm 80% Recycled
Dusky Pink 140gsm  -
Berry Pink 140gsm 80% Recycled
Lilac 125gsm 100% Recycled
Dark Purple 140gsm -
Damson Purple 140gsm -
Aubergine 140gsm -
Cool Blue 140gsm -
Dusty Blue 140gsm 20% Recycled
Dark Blue 140gsm -
Barely Green 140gsm -
Moss Green 120gsm 20% Recycled
Forest Green 140gsm -
Barely Grey 125gsm 100% Recycled
Soft Grey 140gsm -
Taupe Grey 140gsm -
Black 140gsm -


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Other Paper FSC® Acid Free Recyclable Elemental Chlorine Free Notes
Recycled Kraft Paper 120gsm 20% Recycled
Blue Parchment  -
Grey Parchment -
All Other Parchment Paper -
All Translucent Vellum Paper unavailable -
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