4 Ways to Use Vellum Paper in Your Wedding Stationery

Posted by Beth on 15th Feb 2019

While traditionally wedding invitations are made from cardstock to give them a thicker, sturdier and more luxury feel, this is the one instance where you might want to consider paper for your invites. Vellum paper is translucent, a quality you won't find in card and gives invitations an ethereal, delicate feel. Despite this, this vellum paper is tissue thin and at 100gsm, won't tear easily and there are numerous ways to incorporate this b...
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Reasons to Switch to Non-Shed Glitter Card

Posted by Sophie on 8th Feb 2019

1.  All of the Sparkle With None of the FalloutOkay, the obvious first – it’s mess free. Regular glitter card has particles of glitter adhered to the card which are prone to shed and stick with a vengeance to everything. To be fair, the mess created by glitter card is not as widespread as loose glitter, but it still isn’t fun. Any cutting or creasing will only increase the shedding and we all know what a nightmare it is to clean up.With...
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All About Pocketfold Invitations

Posted by Sophie on 1st Feb 2019

What's the Deal with Pocketfolds?To put it simply, pocketfolds are invitations which include a 'pocket' in which to stash things. They're an extremely popular choice for wedding invitations as along with the invitation itself there is often a lot of other information that needs to be included, such as directions, menu choices, RSVP's, where to stay, venue discounts, gifts etc. The pocketfold leaves you free to style your dream wedding invite...
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Diving into the Wedding Stationery Trade? Avoid Costly Startups!

Posted by Beth on 24th Jan 2019

So you've decided to start a wedding stationery business - congratulations! And you don't want to spend a fortune on products while you're starting up - understandable. We've got a few tips and tricks below to help make things as simple and cost effective as possible.Materials for Your StationeryOne of the biggest costs to start with is going to be materials. If you're designing bespoke stationery together with your customer, you likely...
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What Does GSM Mean in Relation to Card and Paper?

Posted by Beth on 18th Jan 2019

What does GSM mean? GSM is a measurement term used in the card and paper industry. For simplicities sake, I’m going to use ‘card’ throughout; however the same also applies to paper. GSM stands for ‘grams per square metre’ which is the weight of one sheet of card that is 1 metre x 1 metre.What does GSM NOT mean? GSM refers to the weight of the card; it does not refer to the thickness of the card. While GSM does have an affect on...
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