6 Wedding Place Card Ideas

Posted by Sophie on 22nd Jun 2022

6 Wedding Place Card Ideas

Place cards are a simple way to organise guests and help them find their assigned seats. Whether you're looking to go with the traditional tent fold place card or the minimal flat sheet style, there are many ways to add your own twist and incorporate other elements of your wedding theme into the design. 

1. Wax Seals

Wax seals have been gaining popularity in wedding stationery designs for some time now and it's easy to see why! 

2. Wax Seal & Dried/Pressed Flowers

Incorporate your theme and flowers into the design by stamping them into the seal. This also gives your place cards an extra flair and added dimension.

3. Simple Torn Edge with Gold Foil

For this simple look, roughly tear a small strip from either a flat or tent fold place card, apply glue to the edge and then decorate with gold foil.

4. Wax Seal & Vellum Paper

Use sealing wax to layer vellum paper on top of card for a more contemporary feel. 

5. Contrasting Ink

Instead of choosing a neutral place card, go dark and use contrasting ink in a paler or metallic shade. 

6. Ribbon

Add a little flourish with ribbon. This is a lovely way to keep it simple but still include your colour theme.