Below is a list of questions we are often asked. These may answer any questions you may have.


Is postage and VAT included in the displayed prices for UK sales?

YesThe price displayed is the total price paid. Postage upgrades are available if required

I run my own small business. Can I have a discount?

Discounts are available for business, please head over to our Business Discount page for more information. 

I keep sending you an email but you have not replied?

We always reply to every email we receive, however our shipping and order confirmation emails are sent from 'do-not-reply' email addresses. If you reply via one of these messages your email message will be lost as the mail boxes are not monitored. This is stated clearly on the emails. If you ever need to contact us the quickest and best way is to use the contact form on our website.

I need to know your environmental policy and if your card is acid free ?

We care deeply about our environment and are an FSC certified supplier. You can find all of our card data by clicking here.

I only need half a pack. Will you split packs? 

No. We do not make up bespoke orders. All of our products are available in the pack sizes as listed in the item description. 

When I try and pay with PayPal Express I am asked for my phone number. Why?

We need your phone number so our courier companies can update you on your timed delivery if this option applies. This is all your number is used for. We never disclose any personal information about you other that what is required to get your parcel to you quickly and efficiently.

Is your stock suitable for printing on with an inkjet or laser printer?

All of our stock is printable, however there can be some variations depending on the printer or/and ink you are using. We always recommend buying a sample to begin with if you are unsure and checking your printers manufacturers specification as some models are not able to print on anything but paper. Printers that pass through 180 degrees are not suitable for printing card on. It’s best to check this prior to purchasing! Before printing, make sure you check the settings on your printer to ensure they are suitably set to print on card. All of the stock we supply has been tested on both inkjet and laser printers, but sometimes problems can occur when the card setting on your printer is not selected. To avoid printer mishaps, check the settings before you start printing on your card – you can find the settings under ‘printer properties’ on the window that opens when you select print – before hitting ‘OK’. For the best results you should always use the highest quality setting on your printer, though please bear in mind the results you get will depend on both the quality of the printer and the ink being used.

If your printer is struggling to feed any card in or it is jamming, this is almost always caused by dusty feed rollers. Simply cleaning the feed roller with a damp cloth will solve this. 

Are your card blanks precision cut and creased?

All blank cards are cut and creased in house using precision equipment. They are cut to industry standards with a tolerance of 1mm to 3mm variation. This is an acceptable cut and fold tolerance. Cards are dispatched flat packed to enable ease of printing.

Is your card a consistent colour shade?

Paper and card are organic products which naturally vary slightly. Modern manufacturing processes limit this variation however this does mean that card and paper products get subject to batch variation. Normally this is very minimal and hardly noticeable. The exception to this are recycled products which due to their nature and to the way they are made,  the various materials used can sometimes vary quite widely. This is something beyond our control and recycled products are often exempted from FSC status for this reason. We always use repeatable stock from reputable paper mills which limits this issue on FSC stock. We never use reject card, reel ends or any other paper product that don't meet FSC or recycled status.

Why do you charge for samples?

We are contacted many times a day and asked for samples. All samples are made to order but still have to go through our order/production process. We like do this as efficiently as possible so we need your contact details, address etc…  to create an order. We have found that the best way of doing this is to make a small charge and register you as a customer. 

How long will it take for my goods to be dispatched?

Your goods are normally dispatched within 24 hours of ordering. Goods are sent as standard either 2nd class Royal mail, recorded Royal Mail or through our trusted courier, DPD. Postage upgrades are available at checkout for a small additional fee. We do not post at weekends. Next day delivery is only available if selected, Monday to Thursday.

Can I return my item/s if I have made a purchasing mistake?

Yes of course. Please refer to the terms and conditions. Click here

Can I return my item/s if I have used some of them?

Part used packs are deemed as accepted by you and cannot be returned. 

How can I contact you?

We can be contacted by email, telephone or you can write to us at the address on our contacts page. Contact us here

My item hasn’t arrived yet?

The majority of our posted item are sent via a tracked courier. We have access to detailed data on where your parcel is from the moment it leaves our factory. If your goods have not arrived after an appropriate amount of time please contact us. Contact us here

Can I change the delivery address after my goods have been dispatched?

Once goods have been dispatched to the shipping address specified on the order, it is not possible to redirect to an alternative address.

Can I pay over the phone?

We do not accept orders over the telephone. This is to ensure that your credit card details are never made available to another person.

If I pay extra can you send my goods faster?

Your goods will be sent promptly free of charge. If you require priority posting you can select additional fast delivery services for a small additional payment. You can select this service at checkout. please be aware that if you use Paypal Express Checkout or Paypal One Click, you will not get a postal option. 

Which countries do you sell to?

The Paperbox Ltd currently sells to all areas of the UK, Eire, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg. Please note, we do not ship to Spain, France or Italy due to the poor postal service in these countries. Some customer from other areas in the World choose to use a 3rd party deliver company. Many companies offer this service where a parcel from us, is sent to a shipping warehouse in the UK. It is then processed by them and shipped to you. Extra charges will apply but it does mean that if you live in a country that we do not ship to then you can still order from us. Please note that it is up to you to arrange the 3rd party courier and supply their UK address as the shipping address.

I live in the UK, can I have a VAT receipt?

Yes, a VAT receipt will be sent on request with our VAT details.

I live outside the UK, can I have a VAT receipt?

Depending on the outcome of Brexit these conditions may change.

No. Due to restrictions in EU law all purchases made on this website to non UK residents are classed as retail sales to named individuals. This extends to business purchases as well. Goods will be delivered to a named individual within the organisation on a personal basis. We have detailed advice about this in a special section of our terms and conditions. Click Here

I live locally, can I come to your premises and collect.

The Paperbox operates as a mail order only business so it is not possible to collect directly from us.

If I buy more than one pack can I have a discount?

This is not possible. 

Why won’t my discount code/voucher work? 

You may have been supplied with a voucher that will have a code printed on it. This code should be entered into the box on the left of the screen at checkout to redeem any discount offered. Before entering the code you must set up and be logged into your account. Failure to log in will result in an ‘invalid voucher’ code. You must click the ‘apply voucher’ button once the code has been entered. If the voucher still fails to work please contact us by email. Contact us here

Do you have any Templates?

While we don’t have any ourselves, we do have a Pinterest board filled with links to free, customisable templates to download. The templates we’ve gathered there cover invitations, save the date cards, RSVPs, favour tags, order of service, wedding signs, guestbooks and even bridesmaid and best man cards. Click here to access.

Can I use your FSC Logo on my own advertising?

It would be illegal to do this. Worldwide FSC credentials are awarded to a business under very strict criteria and can only apply to a business that has achieved the status. This criteria forms something called 'chain of custody'. The chain can apply to several linked businesses but the chain cannot be broken to enable a product to be marketed as FSC compliant. Every business in the chain must hold its own certificate to continue the chain. Once a product leaves us it can only be advertised as FSC if you hold your own certificate and meet the worldwide standards of the accreditation.

Using another companies FSC certificate or advertising your product as FSC without your own accreditation is illegal. The FSC have a department which continually scans the internet for companies and websites in breach of this strict condition. The FSC group is a powerful organisation and are very strict in applying the rules of the accreditation to protect its integrity. A company or individual falsely using an FSC logo, or advertising products as FSC without valid certification, is likely to be prosecuted in the 1st instance and without warning.