How to Make an Envelope Advent Calendar

Posted by Sophie on 16th Nov 2018

How to Make an Envelope Advent Calendar

Envelope Advent Calendar

Envelope Advent Calendar prep


C7 Mini Envelopes

Mini Pegs


Christmas die cut shapes/decorations of your choice

Micro Dots Sheets

Christmas Die cut shapes

Step 1

I started with using die cuts to get my Christmas themed decorations for the envelopes. 

I used  red vellum paper and pale silver pearl paper for my die cut shapes to compliment the  kraft and white envelopes I’d chosen as the base.

envelope Advent Calendar gifts

envelope advent close up

Step 2

Fill the envelopes with mini presents or secret messages! You might want to number the envelopes at this stage to ensure the recipient will get the right message or treat on the day you intended. 

You can either use die cut numbers or write them by hand. I chose to write them myself as I’ll take any chance to practice my hand lettering skills! I also didn’t want the numbers to detract from the decoration.

micro dot close up

Step 3

Once all the treats have been sealed (no sneaky peeking in this calendar!) in the envelopes use the die cut shapes to decorate as desired.   

Micro Dots Sheets are perfect for the smallest and fiddliest embellishments, as you can see here.

Envelope advent calendar hung up

Step 4

Hang your twine and attach the envelopes with the mini pegs!

For stress free hanging, damage free, self adhesive hooks work a treat.