Reasons to Switch to Non-Shed Glitter Card

Posted by Sophie on 8th Feb 2019

1.  All of the Sparkle With None of the Fallout

Okay, the obvious first – it’s mess free. Regular glitter card has particles of glitter adhered to the card which are prone to shed and stick with a vengeance to everything. To be fair, the mess created by glitter card is not as widespread as loose glitter, but it still isn’t fun. Any cutting or creasing will only increase the shedding and we all know what a nightmare it is to clean up.

With non-shed glitter, it truly is non-shedding. Nothing will fall from this card. It will shine and sparkle like glitter, but with a coating on top everything stays put. Which brings us to…

2. Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are becoming increasingly popular, they’re a beautiful way to complete the look of a cake, add a message and tie in accent colours. Glitter cake toppers are also very popular and look great, but have the potential downside of glitter in the frosting. Not only does this have the potential to spoil the aesthetic of the cake, but glitter is made from plastic. Although it is typically non toxic, it is not edible and consuming it is not advisable.

Non-shed glitter won’t shed even when laser or die cut, making it perfectly safe to adorn the top of cakes.

3. Layering

Glitter card looks excellent layered, it adds a touch of sparkle without being too overwhelming. 

However it’s a lot harder to adhere anything to the top of regular glitter card than non-shed. This is because glitter card has a very textured surface made up of thousands of glitter particles, rendering glue sticks and double sided sticky tape virtually useless. The coating on non-shed glitter card however provides plenty of purchase.

In the end it does come down to personal preference, but the biggest difference will always be the mess. If you can't stand glitter in the house but love the effect, then non-shed is definitely for you!