How to Use Sealing Wax Sticks with a Glue Gun or Spoon

Posted by Sophie on 24th Jun 2020

How to Use Sealing Wax Sticks with a Glue Gun or Spoon

Traditional wax seals add a beautiful and individual touch to wedding invitations. Whether using them as part of your design on a bellyband or to seal the envelope, each wax seal is distinctive and unique.

Using a Glue Gun

  1. Insert the 7mm wax sticks into a mini glue gun
  2. Allow a couple of minutes to heat up. Resting the glue gun on a matt or sheet of foil will help protect your surfaces from any drips.
  3. With the 25mm seal stamps, 2 - 2 1/2 pulls of the glue gun trigger produce a good amount of wax for the seal. If this is your first time using glue gun wax, test on scrap paper or card first to find your own rhythm and get a feel for the consistency of the wax and how it stamps.
  4. Emboss the wax with the stamp and allow the stamp to rest for a few seconds before gently pulling off.
  5. Cool down the stamp between each seal. As heat from the melted wax will heat up the brass plate, after a few seals the stamp will become too hot and stick to the wax. This can be done with cold water and ice, wrapped ice or an ice pack. Be mindful if using a plastic ice pack or ziplock bag with ice, as the stamp may melt the plastic if it becomes too hot. 
  6. Dry the stamp on a towel.
  7. Repeat.


  • Ideal for stamping in bulk and creating a large amount of seals
  • Easy to control the flow of the wax - 'point and shoot' 
  • If you need to change colours, it can take some time for the original colour to be cleared out. 
    • Using an actual glue stick in between colours can help to flush out the previous colour. This way, only a couple of pumps of the next colour will be wasted to transition from the glue to the wax, while a full stick is often wasted when transitioning straight from one coloured wax stick to the next. 
    • Alternately, you can use this transition to create some fun mixed colours if you plan which shades to use in advance! 

Using a Melting Spoon

Wax sticks can also easily be used with a wax seal melting spoon instead of a glue gun. Cut off a small portion of the stick and heat over a candle or burner - this is handy if you only need to create a small amount of seals.