How to Make Simple, Realistic Paper Roses

Posted by Sophie on 12th Jul 2019

How to Make Simple, Realistic Paper Roses

Step 1. Cut three square sheets of paper. For this flower, I cut the sheets to 14cm x 14cm

Step 2. Fold the sheet diagonally

Step 3. Fold the diagonally folded sheet in half, then in half again

Step 4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the other two square sheets

Step 5. Cut a rounded petal shape and snip a small section off the bottom of all three folded pieces

Step 6. Unfold the three pieces and cut 1 petal from the first, 2 petals from the next and 3 petals from the last piece. 

Step 7. Curl the edges of the petals. I used a  pierce it tool but any thin, cylindrical object will work - such as a skewer or tooth pick

Step 8. Take the three largest pieces, overlap the outer petals and glue them together

Step 9. With the remaining three smaller pieces, overlap the outer edges slightly and glue them together

Step 10. From the largest to smallest, glue each section inside each other to assemble your rose!