How to Make Flat Bows for Wedding Invitations

Posted by Sophie on 11th Jan 2019

How to Make Flat Bows for Wedding Invitations

Ever seen these gorgeous bows and wondered how to make them?

Well the good news is they’re actually pretty simple! There are only a few short steps to making them which are outlined below. 

You will need:

Embellishment (optional)

Step 1

To start, cut two lengths of ribbon, one at 16cm and another at 13cm.

I typically go for a 3cm difference between the pieces, but you can play around with the sizes to achieve a more compact look or even a third loop! 

Flat Bow: fold ribbon in half

Step 2

Bring the two ends of one piece of ribbon together to fold in half and press down to create a visible line down the centre of the ribbon. 

Flat Bow: image 3

Step 3

Bring the edge of each ribbon to the crease in the centre and secure with an adhesive.

For this step I used a hot glue gun, but double-sided sticky tape or glue dots will work just as well. 

Flat Bow: secure together

Step 4

Layer the smaller loop on top of the larger loop. 

Make sure the side without the join is facing upwards on the smaller of the pieces - although something will be added to the top part of the join may be visible and will look messy.  

Once you're happy with the placement, secure with adhesive. 

Flat Bow: Embellishment

Step 5

Finally, add an embellishment to the centre, the one featured here is our round diamante and pearl embellishment. 

For a simpler look, take a small piece of the same ribbon and wrap it around the centre, securing it at the back.