All About Pocketfold Invitations

Posted by Sophie on 1st Feb 2019

What's the Deal with Pocketfolds?

To put it simply, pocketfolds are invitations which include a 'pocket' in which to stash things. They're an extremely popular choice for wedding invitations as along with the invitation itself there is often a lot of other information that needs to be included, such as directions, menu choices, RSVP's, where to stay, venue discounts, gifts etc. 

The pocketfold leaves you free to style your dream wedding invite with all the basics (date, time and location), without having to cram extra bits on there and ruin the design. Everything else can be printed separately onto insert card and stored neatly in the pocket. 

Styling a Pocketfold

Okay, so our pocketfolds are sent flatpacked and pre-creased, but with the pockets detatched from the cards. Now if you're anything like me, you hear 'some assembly required' and are transported back to difficult flat packed furniture with confusing instructions and either not enough screws or too many (there's no in between!), leaving you wondering if your dining chair will collapse the second you sit on it. But hear us out - no instructions, it's really as simple as folding the pre-creased tabs on the pocket and sticking it down, wherever you like. You have complete control and freedom on pocket placement. Want it on the right? Done. The left hand side? Easy. Need the card to open vertically? Not at a problem. Feel like sticking it in the very centre? Not advisable but you absolutely can if you feel the need. 

This gives you a chance to play around with the orientation and layout to see which suits your invites best. 

Placement of the Invitation Itself

I recently saw this question asked on a forum - do you stick the invitation inside opposite the pocket, or just place it in the pocket?

Before seeing this the thought of not sticking the invite down hadn't actually ever occurred to me, and I'd say this does seem to be the most popular way as far as I'm aware. But as a few people pointed out, they were expecting people to stick the invite to the fridge as a reminder, and that's kinda difficult to do with a pocketfold. 

Both ways are perfectly viable options - it all comes down to personal preference. If you want people to be able to take it out and stick in on the fridge as a reminder, then tucking it into the pocket isn't going to be an issue at all. If that doesn't fit with your design or the look you wanted to go for, people have diaries and calendars. Plus I'd hazard a guess that your friends and family are pretty unlikely to forget the existence of your wedding just because they haven't got something stuck on the fridge. It's an interesting one to consider, ultimately your choice.

Whichever side of this conundrum you fall on,  the important thing about pocketfolds is that you have the choice!