6 Tips for Setting Up A Craft Room

Posted by Sophie on 16th Aug 2019

6 Tips for Setting Up A Craft Room

Work space

There are two things I consider an absolute must – a sizable and sturdy table and a chair on wheels. The table is obvious, it’s going to be where you spend the most time and needs to be large enough for you to work comfortably with all of your materials. The chair, more of a personal (and lazy!) preference, but it’s so much easier to quickly whiz to a shelf and grab any extra equipment without having to stand up. If you can indulge, a separate desk for your computer is not a must or viable for everyone, but worth it if you’re able.

Organise, Organise, Organise!

There was never any way this wasn’t going to be on the list – organising your space is always going the best way to keep on top of it! Whether it’s your thing or not, it’ll save time and mess in the future – I mean who hasn’t pulled out stacks of paper and rummaged for the one colour you know you have? The best way to get your basic organisation down is with furniture. IKEA has great and affordable solutions for storing and sorting all manner of things. If you can, it’s worth investing the time and money on these now. Shelves are always a must have, and open shelves in particular keep your supplies visible and easily accessible.


There are a thousand different ways to sort and store your tools and stationery, by colour, brand function, in drawers, boxes, pots, etc. You’ll probably find that one style won’t fit all – Paper and card? By colour. Markers? Brand and colour. Die Cuts? Theme or Brand. Inks? Colour or Brand. However you want to sort them, you're going to need to invest in a range of storage boxes and containers to do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or even make sense to anyone else, just so long as it works for you! 
Bonus: get extra organised with a label printer! 

Get a Peg Board

This is a no brainer, if you can, get one. They’re heavily featured in all things #craftroom on Instagram for good reason. Mount one on the wall next to or behind your craft table and organise all of your essential equipment, stationery and tools within easy reach. IKEA do a very affordable board and a range of trays, containers, hooks and clip attachments.

Create a Space That Speaks to You

It’s amazing how difficult it can be to get started on a project if you don’t like your work space. It might be too messy and disorganised, or it may just not have a great flow, either way there’s nothing more satisfying than arranging a space that inspires you to create. Add a few prints and decorations that speak to you and if you can, choose a room or area with windows. Natural light lifts the space and your mood, and it doesn’t hurt that it helps with photographing your completed work too!

Function Over Form

There's no point having an ~inspiring~ work space if it physically just doesn't work. Floor to ceiling shelves with beautifully displayed craft supplies? Gorgeous and definitely 'Insta worthy'. But can you reach everything you need to easily and quickly? Adorable desk that fits the aesthetic of the room? Cute, but do you have enough room to work? You can still have a gorgeous craft space, but try not to sacrifice function for the sake of it being visually stunning.