5 Reasons to Use Sustainable Stationery

Posted by Sophie on 28th Jun 2021

5 Reasons to Use Sustainable Stationery

At a time when climate change is proving to be one of the biggest threats to human life, an increasing number of consumers and brands are doing their part by shifting to sustainable products. These are products that provide social and economic benefits while having a minimal impact on the environment.

At The Paperbox, we’re also trying to do right by the environment by offering a range of recycled eco kraft paper and card sheets, which come in A4, A5, A6, and 5”x7” sizes. Our recycled paper products are sourced from used paper and spent brewery grains and provided by reliable paper mills in the UK and Europe.

In celebration of World Environment Day, we've provided a list of reasons to try sustainable stationery for your wedding invitations and greeting cards.

1.Sustainable Stationery Is Better for the Environment

Recycled stationery is made from wood pulp, spent grain and 100% recycled paper — old bits and pieces of packaging materials, newspapers and paper scraps that have been processed into “new” rolls of paper.

While not all of our card and paper are made with recycled materials, the vast majority of our products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) — a worldwide organisation that guarantees consumers that wood, paper and card products come from well-managed and sustainable forests. 

At The Paperbox, we offer a large range of FSC-certified and recycled cardstock, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re buying high-quality paper materials with a low environmental footprint.

2. All Paper Is Recyclable

Whether it’s made from recycled or virgin materials, paper stationery products — and other paper-based goods, for that matter — are recyclable (on average, more than five times) and biodegradable.

In the UK, 80% of all paper waste is recycled each year. Using sustainable stationery for your greeting cards and invites goes a long way to increasing that number.

3. Your Stationery Is Unique

The process of recycling paper and spent grain can create imperfect sheets of paper with individuality. Recycled paper can have smatterings of flecks and specks — remnants of the raw, recycled material used to make it.

However, these same blemishes also give your stationery personality. These markings also mean that each sheet and card blank is completely unique and individual — no two pieces are ever the same. 
Our White Grain and Eco Fleck card are great examples of this! 

4. It’s Great for Rustic and Nature-Themed Cards

Brown kraft paper and cardstock is a go-to for rustic and nature-themed stationery. For example, if you’re planning a barn wedding, kraft paper can help you create a rustic and earthy aesthetic. You can add other details such as leaves and twine to complete the look. And don’t forget, you’re using sustainable materials that go perfectly with your nature-inspired theme.

5.You’re Making a Statement

Seemingly small changes like using sustainable stationery may seem trivial, but they also send the message you support ethical and environmentally friendly practices.

You’re not forcing your values on your family and friends, but you’re still encouraging them to be aware of the importance of making socially responsible choices. Kraft paper and cardstock can be wonderful conversation starters, allowing you to talk about how and why you chose sustainable stationery.

Do Your Bit — Go Sustainable

The Paperbox offers a wide range of recycled card, paper sheets and card blanks in different sizes. We also have a wide range of blank cards and stationery materials for all sorts of occasions. Shop now and get free UK shipping on all orders over £3.50.