4 Ways to Use Vellum Paper in Your Wedding Stationery

Posted by Beth on 15th Feb 2019

While traditionally wedding invitations are made from cardstock to give them a thicker, sturdier and more luxury feel, this is the one instance where you might want to consider paper for your invites. Vellum paper is translucent, a quality you won't find in card and gives invitations an ethereal, delicate feel. Despite this, this vellum paper is tissue thin and at 100gsm, won't tear easily and there are numerous ways to incorporate this beautiful paper into your stationery. But first...

Printing on Vellum

It is possible to print on vellum, but you're probably not going to be able to stick the paper in and go ahead with default settings. Unlike with card, thickness is unlikely to be an issue when printing on vellum as the paper is similar in thickness to standard printer paper. However ink will take longer to dry and the printer settings would need to be adjusted to prevent smudging during printing. All printers are different and have different capabilities that depend on the type of printer, the ink used and the settings. In the print dialogue box (the one that pops up when you hit print to check how many copies etc you require) there should be a button for printer properties. It's in here that you can usually find paper quality settings, these would need to be set to high quality/coated/photo quality. The wording may vary depending on your printer, but settings in this vein account for a longer drying time. 

If you're unsure, we'd recommend purchasing a sample to test print first. 
Now, without further ado, ways to incorporate vellum into your stationery...

1. As Invitations


2. Layering on Top of Invitation


3. Incorporating A Design or Style into Layering

4. Bellyband 

For joining vellum to the invitation so it is still a movable layer, we would recommend either mini split pins or an eyelet hole punch.